A vehicle wrap shop is not your typical sign business as everyone thinks. It's an art that demands hours of tedious work along with a team of artist and installers, and that's exactly why I love it. I've been getting my hands grubby with it ever since it was introduced about 2004.

1992 - The start. This was the year that I bought my very first vinyl sign cutter and my fate as a wrap installer was sealed. I worked out of my grandparents house making stickers, signs and banners until I saved enough money to eventually move into my first sign shop about 1994. Then in late 2004 a new form of advertising came about...vehicle wraps. At first I was out sourcing digital printing and I was installing it onto my customers vehicles. Then in 2005 I purchased my first digital printer and laminator which enabled me to have 100% control of managing my customers projects. 

My Short Biography


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2007 - 3M Wrap to win roush contest: I was sitting down thumbing thru a sign magazine and I immediately noticed a contest that 3M was sponsoring. I just finished a project with CSN (Child Safety Network) which ended up being a 2007 Dodge Viper for the NBA HALL OF FAME. So I said, " what the hick can it hurt to enter this contest". There were over 38,000 contestants nationwide and the contest was based on design, installation and the theme of the project. About 4 months later I received a call congratulating me that i made it to round 1 for the top 25 spots. And if I get called for round 2 then I would make it to the top 10 which they would fly the top 10 finalist to Orlando, Florida to announce the winner. Well they called again a few months later and said you made it to the top 10. I was shocked but not as shocked when I was announced the winner! 

Since then I've had close contact with 3M which they give me great opportunities to work with them to test out their latest 3M vinyls the world's leading wrap material.